Pull-up Adjustable door fitness


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1. The horizontal bar on the door is a home fitness equipment originated in the United States that can be installed on the door frame.

2. Using the clever mechanics principle, the horizontal bar is fixed by the weight of the body, without any modification of the door frame, nor any damage to the door frame.

Product information:

Product weight: 2kg

Material: steel pipe, foam cotton

Color: Silver / Black

Product box packaging size: 51.5 * 9 * 18cm


Weight: 250 pounds

Correct door width: the inner width of the door frame is 57-88cm, and the outer width is more than 95cm

Used for sit-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, etc.

In the three holding positions, the neutral gear is leveraged against the doorway, so there are no screws. The door was not damaged. Install in seconds.

With the help of a fitness stick, exercise your back, biceps and other upper body muscles in a comfortable living room or dormitory.

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